Why my Husband hates me ? Know the reasons and How to fix them.

Did your husband say that he hates you ?
Does your husband behave in such as way that he shows aversion and resentment towards you?

This is a most commonly asked questions by wives who are facing issues in their marriage.

Why my Husband Hates me?
Knowing the exacts reasons for the question, "Why my husband hates me?" lies a lot within ourselves by analyzing and questioning ourselves as to how we behave with our husbands and what kind of attitude are we showing to him.

To hear from our husband that he is hating us or to know this from his behavior is really depressing and sad to us.

The first step to know the reasons and fix this issue is to understand and analyze the things that are happening in our married life that is forcing our husband to say such hurtful things to us.

# Is the hate because of you nagging your husband

Do you knowingly or unknowingly "nag" your husband. Sit down and give a long thought as to how your behaviour is to your husband on a daily basis. A lot of us don't realize that we have the habit of nagging unless someone tells us on our FACE.
Check yourself on your manners and behaviour towards him and don't do anything that could annoy him. Also as hate builds up against you from his side, your marriage could be in trouble.

Links to help: Know how you can save your marriage today and change his hate to love and affection.

# Does your husband hates you because of something you do?

If your husband is annoyed over some little thing you do and something which you can control it, then STOP doing it. At times you don't realize how a small behaviour or manners of us can develop into a dislike and even hatred on us.
Try to pick up manners that your husband likes and leave ones that he dislikes. Also remember that hate could be a sign of a bigger trouble in your marriage.You need to know for sure how you can makeup your husband at the initial stages it self. Know how you can make up with him

# Always keep his Respect intact, even if your husband hates you.

Irrespective of what is currently happening between both of you, keep his respect intact in your heart. Never develop any sort of aversion or resentment towards you husband because of the way he is behaving with you. Have full confidence in you and in your marriage that things will work out good and this is only a passing phase. But remember that this has to be dealt with utmost care and caution and not let it ruin the future of your marriage.

All men expect respect from their wives more than they expect that from their co-workers and friends. Make him feel your respect for him, not only through your words, but actions too, that you value his presence in your life. Here are some of the ways how you can rebuild and restore the love of your husband in your marriage.

# Cheer Up - The hate of your husband will go away soon

I would advice you not to get dis-heartened by things happening now in your marriage. Do have the confidence in you that you can change things around with your efforts and the knowledge of how to turn his hate to love.

Do remember that the most important thing to save your marriage and make our husbands love and care for us and not to hate us is to show your husband you love him but not in a nagging and clinging manner.
Above are some of the few ideas you can do to begin to reconnect with your husband when he seems distant. Also do check the links to guide you more in depth on how you can regain the love of your husband and how you can makeup with your husband.

Does your husband hate you

Are you not really able to understand if your husband is hating you or not?
Do you see his hate towards you in his words, manners and actions?

There are different ways you can tell if your husband is hating you or not.

Before going on to that, first we need to understand that love can be shown by a husband to a wife in different ways. It may not be the same wayd for all the couples. But when you hear him say certain things and do something intentionally that hurts you, that could be a clear indication of his hate towards you.

You should be able to figure this out quite easily as you have see the days when he loved you. The way he spoke and the way he cared for you.

People do change overtime on their behavior and the way they use their words, but the love inside their heart will always be the same.

Think how he was when he loved you, and see how he is now. But don't compare the current situation with the days before and just after the marriage. Those days are influenced more by the excitement and the love that comes along with going to get married and being married.

Also you must not mistake his anger and being upset with you as a sign of hate. There could be instances where we must have did something wrong or something he dislikes; and he would have shown his unhappiness towards us on that.

One of the major signs is the way he looks you in the eye. You should be able to figure out both the anger in his eyes and the hate in them.