Does your husband hate you

Are you not really able to understand if your husband is hating you or not?
Do you see his hate towards you in his words, manners and actions?

There are different ways you can tell if your husband is hating you or not.

Before going on to that, first we need to understand that love can be shown by a husband to a wife in different ways. It may not be the same wayd for all the couples. But when you hear him say certain things and do something intentionally that hurts you, that could be a clear indication of his hate towards you.

You should be able to figure this out quite easily as you have see the days when he loved you. The way he spoke and the way he cared for you.

People do change overtime on their behavior and the way they use their words, but the love inside their heart will always be the same.

Think how he was when he loved you, and see how he is now. But don't compare the current situation with the days before and just after the marriage. Those days are influenced more by the excitement and the love that comes along with going to get married and being married.

Also you must not mistake his anger and being upset with you as a sign of hate. There could be instances where we must have did something wrong or something he dislikes; and he would have shown his unhappiness towards us on that.

One of the major signs is the way he looks you in the eye. You should be able to figure out both the anger in his eyes and the hate in them.